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*4 Scent Options* Mercury Candle Bowl, 15 oz - Capri Blue

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*3.25”H x 4.5”D / up to 55 hours burn time*

*BLUE JEAN* Create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere with the powerful fragrance of the 
Blue Jean Mercury Candle Bowl. This large candle combines a perfect balance warm and clean notes for the perfect go to fragrance. The clear, etched glass of this mercury glass candle jar provides an elegant decorative touch.


*Aloha Orchid* The Aloha Orchid Mercury Candle Bowl is the ultimate statement piece for your home. With a vessel made from gorgeous mercury glass, a graphic pattern can be seen etched around the bowl of this glass candle. Below the bronze lid, an Aloha Orchid candle waits to envelop your senses, infused with the bright, citrus scents of orchid and gardenia and the warm, velvety aroma of jasmine.


*Havanna BVThe Havana Vanilla Mercury Bowl candle is striking and perfect for any space. It's unique and beautiful, and filled with notes of vanilla, smoky tobacco, bergamot and sandalwood.


*The Guava Blossom Mercury Candle Bowl is elegant and chic. It's filled with delicious notes of pink guava, hibiscus, mandarin and raspberry making it perfect for any occasion.